Assess versus Assume

For salespeople and sales managers…

What matters to your buyer, and how do you know? Are you making up what you think is important to them based on the market, other customers, your own preferences? When faced with a new opportunity, most of us start to formulate a solution for our prospective customer by what: 1) They tell us, 2) What we asked them, 3) What we assumed about them.  Jody - IG - 1. Set a goal2. Create a strategy3. Build an action plan.png

As sales professionals, it’s always helpful to review our questions and questioning skills to see if we really ask what we need to know, and if there is more that we need to know that we didn’t ask. If a prospect doesn’t buy or buy today, you WANT to know why. Did you really know what their problem was that you could help them solve? Did you jump to a solution too quickly? Did you not ask enough questions to determine the PRIMARY motivating factor in this purchase? Did you determine where they were in their buying process and what else was needed? Was your solution compelling/based on what you learned mattered most to them?

Take a moment to evaluate your questioning process and where there may be gaps. “When better is available, good’s not enough” (said Sr. Mauricita to me in 5th grade).
Now, go sell something.

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