Asking Discovery Questions

For salespeople and sales managers…
A couple of months ago, I had the good fortune of working with an organization that had me start DiSC and sales training with the 3 sales teams. It was great and we Jody - IG - Big discoveriesbegan to set some cultural shifts, including: “What?” “By when?” as a company mantra and outcome to ALL conversations, both internal and external. We then rolled the programs out to the Support, IT and Operations teams, but since they aren’t salespeople, we had to change the language and tone of the program from selling to “Creating Intentional Conversations with an Outcome.” The cool thing was it shifted what we called the ‘steps’ in the sales process, changing “Qualifying Questions” to “Discovery Questions”. And it made me really think about how the language changed the action. In hindsight, Qualifying appears to be something that one person does with or to another person — one person asks and the other person answers. The questions may be fairly predictable, so may the responses. By changing to Discovery, it evoked a collaborative conversation — one that includes exploration and questions by both people that are intended to drive to a more effective solution.
telescope-science-discover-world.jpgConsider it as you evaluate your process. Discovery is kinda sexy. It takes interest and engagement, and a desire to really learn about the other person and not be attached to what we think we already know about them. Give it a try and let me know what happens.

Now, go sell something.

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