More on “What? By when?”

For everyone, everywhere

Imagine that you begin the practice of not ending an interaction without setting up the next contact. Really. Imagine it.

What do you imagine the impact would be to your results, your time, and your connections?

Let’s take a look.

1. The results you achieve by completing the interaction with another action would be tremendous. If you didn’t actually produce a complete result with this interactionpexels-photo-669610.jpeg(such as a sale), you could at least forward the process with incremental actions for you and/or them to take. Then, when you do connect again, you (or both of you) are on the same page regarding the actions needed to get closer to the desired result — or to achieve it. You both have a part to play in order to win.

2. Your time and how you spend it would be best used on actions that produce results— actions scheduled to be taken. Rather than chasing the prospect or the other party, and leaving (dare I say, “lame”) messages on their voice mail such as “Just checking in….”, you can send a calendar invitation with alerts and objectives for the next contact time. That way you and the other person are working from the same structure and timeframe, and come prepared for the next meeting. It’s so much easier for both of you.

pexels-photo-551652.jpeg3. The partnership and assistance you offer to the other person. Whether the next contact is with a prospect or a client, a colleague or a co-worker, everyone likes to work with people who are on top of things and keep things from falling through the cracks. We can’t schedule everything, but we can schedule those things that are most important — and the other people in your life will appreciate your proactive thinking that takes care of them, too.

Take a look at the relationships in your life and the results you intend to achieve this year.  How could they benefit from your leadership and direction by including “What? By when?” as your mantra for 2018? Pick a couple of areas to experiment with and give it a try…and please, keep me posted.

Now, go sell something.

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