Practice Makes Better

For sales professionals, everywhere…

As a performance coach, I get to tell people what to do. ; D As a naturally bossy person, that’s kinda fun! More importantly, I get to direct actions that will produce results; consistently, over time.startup-photos.jpg

And here’s the interesting thing about that: the intention of a new action is to produce a result, but there are no guarantees of that result being produced. And that’s not the point, either. The point is that when consistently taken, that new action will SURELY produce greater results than NOT taking action. And it doesn’t have to produce results EVERY time to still be effective.

It’s about developing a consistent pattern of actions that, when taken, will reliably produce results over time. MOST of the time. There are other mitigating factors that might contribute to why the result was not achieved EACH time. And it doesn’t mean that the action doesn’t work because it doesn’t work EVERY time.

sport-treadmill-tor-route-163444.jpegI invite you to look at your own reactions to something new. Are you a naysayer (“It’ll never work!” ) or a skeptic (“We tried that once…”) or offer your own version of resistance? Does it have to be foolproof to get you to try it?

As adults, most of us have lost our habit of practicing — and failing — and trying it again. As you look at the new year, what new actions or ways of doing things are you going to take on, and see what happens just by doing it?

Fail valiantly by being in the game. It takes no talent to be a critic in the stands. Be a player on the field.

Now, go sell something.

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