One More Thing

For sales leaders, everywhere…

I am sure you have heard the question: “How do you eat an elephant?”
Answer: One bite at a time. And while I am an elephant advocate and don’t like the example, it brings to mind how little things make a BIG difference.

Maybe: “Raindrops make puddles” is better. : )

The key is the importance of small actions. In a coaching call this week, the salespersonpexels-photo-459451.jpeg and I discussed the topic of procrastination as it relates to commitment and change. She offered that, as a means of managing her tendency of being distracted by menial tasks, she now writes a post-it note (on her computer) to herself designating ONE thing she will do every day in the face of her procrastination. It sparked further conversation around ‘doing one thing / one more thing’ as a powerful change agent over time; and that the cumulative affect is stunning.

Get ONE more sale each day. Make ONE more outreach call before you leave for the day. Ask ONE more question of prospective customers. Ask for the sale ONE more time. What change are you looking to make now that ONE more action taken each day for 30 days would reap an enormous reward and build a new habit? Seriously. ONE.

Take a minute to consider something that you have been avoiding or complaining about forever. You know the action needed. Call it an ‘experiment’ if that helps. And let me know how you’re doing with it.

Now, go sell something.

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