Morning Coffee

For everyone, everywhere.


I was moved by this quote when I read it on Facebook this morning, posted by my
cousin who embodies this way of engaging with people. It made me think about people I love, play with and work with, people I coach and people who coach me.

It is the spirit of true love and acceptance, without judgment or rancor, without resentment and resistance or desire that someone else be different in order to be okay and worthy. It also made me think of how salespeople engage with customers in the showroom and how managers engage with their salespeople and designers.

I encourage you to join me in examining my actions with people. Who are the ones I
openly embrace, warts and all? Who are the others that I inspect and measure? And finally, who are the ones I listen to through a filter of ‘already knowing’? There is something here for all of us. Explore and tell me what you find and where you see your human challenges and your access to human greatness.

Now, go sell something.


Jody Smiling Photo copy

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