Serve and Solve

For salespeople everywhere

As often happens, I derive my blog content from coaching calls and conversations held when conducting seminars. And while I hope that the student learns more than the teacher, I am grateful for what I get from each and every interaction.

Recently, I was speaking with a design team who were in the process of altering their practice in an innovative way (sorry, unable to disclose more right now…come back later!). When I asked them how it was different from what they were doing, he said “We are here to serve our clients and to solve their problems.” BINGO! Such a simple way to describe what we all seek to do.

SERVE – Everyone thinks they offer good service and BETTER service than their competitors, but how is service being measured? To serve comes from being a servant – a title few would be willing to embrace. It means putting someone else before you, doing things for them, sometimes, with extraordinary effort. It often means being under appreciated for the effort or action taken to execute it. Are you doing that?
SOLVE – To take this on assumes that there is a problem, issue or challenge to be addressed. When we see it this way, it triggers the thinking needed to solve the problem and the desire to dig in to find options to address the issue. Prospects may offer a solution to the problem they have, but the role of problem solver is to continue to find out more – specifically and holistically – that would impact the solution that is offered.

Serve and Solve. Want to take that on?

Now, go sell something

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