Learning in Layers

For everyone, everywhere

As a coach and trainer, I find that educating adults happens in layers. And the more practice and integration of the material, the more mastery the learner gains. No surprise, right? When a learner tells me how they used a skill or technique in a waypeople coffee meeting team that wasn’t initially intended — and produced a surprising result — I know that they have absorbed the skill into their catalogue of information and that they will own it forever.

Practice is the access to this, as is willingness to learn and to try something new. Experience the discomfort that comes with the process.

So, what have you been avoiding taking on, knowing that in doing so would benefit you greatly? What’s the resistance or discomfort that you are shying away from? And what could you have, get, or avoid if you actually took action? It’s a process and it begins with the first action.

Now, go sell something.

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