For Sales Professionals everywhere
In my sales process “Sell it or Schedule it!”™️, Step 2: Connecting
includes ‘Get to Neutral’. This is an intentional action. Three breaths that reset and reboot our machinery and allow us to refocus.
This action, by its nature, requires resetattention as it’s the attention to the breath that allows us to slow down, to let go of prevailing thoughts and feelings, and begin to get centered. Neutral exists in that space between the end of the intentional exhale and the desire for the next inhale. It’s quiet and it’s empty.
Get to Neutral is a practice to bring to everyday life as well as to the sales process. In the sales process, however, it’s a practice needed throughout the engagement, not  just in the beginning. We get distracted, lost in our thoughts. To have a method that will bring us back to center, to refocus, to be present and listen, is powerful.
Start with your next breath.
Now, go sell something.
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