“Well, actually…..”

For Sales Professionals everywhere
In a coaching meeting today, we were dismantling Objections….getting underneath to what drives them (fear, lack of information, something the salesperson missed in Discovery).
To be effective managing objections, you first need to be aware of your own reactions to the objection and to the customer. For most salespeople, it’s their reaction that limits what they are able to assist, solve or redirect and the most common salesperson reactions to objections are to Excuse, Explain, Convince, Argue/Dismiss….and they are default, unconscious actions…none of which are effective.
For those who like to Explain and have a desire to be right, this is a strong pull. One brave salesperson today, when asked what happens when a customer thinks they know a lot and maybe more than the salesperson and states their opinion boldly, admitted that he says to the customer: “Well, actually….” followed by telling the customer why they are wrong. I was so proud of him for being so real! AND this never works~!!
I LOVE the conversations about Asking Discovery Questions and Managing Client Concerns…all driven by being inquisitive, desiring to help solve a problem or realize a vision, and all practiced, intentional conversations driving by the salesperson…by asking questions.
Ahhhh, fun. Now, go sell something.
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