For Sales Professionals everywhere
As a sales trainer, I am often looking for openings – places that need to be filled, patterns crying out for recognition.
When I look at what happens for salespeople when they hear “I’m just browsing”, I see that it is a similar reaction to when they hear an Objection. The reaction of the Overcoming Objectionsalesperson sets the tone for what they are able to do in that moment and beyond.
Effective salespeople have strategies to engage rather than relying on knee jerk, default reactions. As a strategy, accepting what’s so from the customer, whether ‘just browsing’ or ‘I want to think about it’.  Breathe. Get to Neutral. Accept their communication. Then respond.
The resistance to HOW the customer is being, the judgments that are drawn about them, get in the way of a connection happening and movement forward. Replacing resistance with acceptance is a profound step that will change the interaction in the moment and into the future.
It takes attention and practice, so begin with acceptance and begin with the next breath.
Now, go sell something.
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