“I Want to Think About This”

For sales professionals, everywhere

If you find yourself hearing “I think I need to think about this….” more often that you’d like, you are not alone. It’s one of the most common objections – along with time, money, and someone else’s input. The difference with this objection is that it’s vague, and unless you ask more questions, you won’t know what it is they want to think about and what’s in the way of them moving forward. You need to ask questions and you need to manage your side of the conversation so that your inquiry is seen as a desire to help, and not simply the desire to make the sale.

Take a breath – Get to Neutral.

Then say, “I can understand that. You are looking to make a good decision and there are several elements to consider. May I ask you…what is the ONE thing you most want to think about?” And then BE QUIET and really LISTEN to what they say and how they say it. Are they frustrated by the process and the options? Have they still not found a solution that motivates them to take action? Are they confused by too many options to choose from? Is what they want to think about an essential issue for them or an outlier? Did they mention it earlier as something important and you missed it? There is a solution here and your patience and perseverance right now is critical to what will happen.

ideasWhen they can isolate the concern to one issue, you have a better chance of responding to it effectively and closing the sale. Look to my blog “Decide between versus Choose among” for more about this. And remember “I want to think about this” does not mean that they need to leave the building to do that.


Now, go sell something.


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