‘Decide Between’ versus ‘Choose Among’


For sales professionals, everywhere.
I wrote a blog about “Cultivating Confusion” that addressed how salespeople, with the very best intentions, throw too much information at the prospect. They forget that their job is to make it EASY for the prospect to say YES. If they had remembered that, then when they offered a solution it would have been a simple choice.
Salespeople ask Discovery Questions for many reasons – to understand the prospect and their issue, to start to think through the best options for the prospect, and to start to build a solution. While “Cultivating Confusion” addressed too much information, this blog addresses too many OPTIONS to choose from.
512690298-612x612Consider that the easiest process for the customer would be to Decide Between TWO rather than Choose Among Many. When you ask questions and take notes as the prospect speaks, listen for the most important elements to them so that your solution resonates with those key factors. And your solutions might be Option A addresses A, B, C and Option B addresses B, C, D…and allow them to decide which is best for them.
Too much information and too many options are too confusing and fatiguing for the prospect to sift through. Ask more questions and provide fewer and more compelling solutions.
Now, go sell something.
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