Problem to be Solved…or…. Vision to be Realized

For sales professionals, everywhere
I see my role as making it easy for YOU to sell so that it is easier for the customer to buy from you. Sounds good, right?
So much of the salesperson’s effectiveness is based on what they believe, what they know about the customer and where they are in their buying process, what they know about their product or service, and how they execute the sales process. Simple, right?
I have tried to make the sales process easy with “Sell it or Schedule it”™ as an either / or outcome – The Sale or The Appointment to forward the sale.
That same simple truth is what the salesperson needs to be looking for from the customer: what is the problem they are looking to solve…and/or….the vision they are looking to realize?
I find most salespeople get too caught up in the elements of the product or service they are looking to sell instead of learning which outcome the customer is looking for – the problem solved or vision realized?
Think about this and YOUR selling engagement…really think about it. If you aren’t hitting your sales targets it might be that your focus is too narrow (your product or service) or too broad (everything about your product or service) and, as a result, you aren’t focusing on the customer.
Now, go sell something.
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