For everyone, everywhere
I’m not sure which of the elements are the most driving and maybe it doesn’t matter.
What I am noticing (as I get older, as time takes on new and greater meaning, with other commitments and other people involved….) is that my life happens in segments and stages now…and I am enjoying it immensely.
I enjoy the pace of it and savoring each change for its individual value and in the overall scheme.  I put Christmas decorations up in stages, starting with candles in the windows fernthe day after Halloween that stay until Valentine’s Day. Or changing over closets or house decor seasonally (yes, I use slipcovers in the summer)…with a few things at a time. Or gardening. Or websites.
My website is currently under reconstruction and almost complete. We have done this over time as we asked and listened to what is needed moving forward and how the world, the industry, and technology is changing. The new website and its platform will allow me to use technology more efficiently and to be available to you with more information and accessibility. I am constructing different ways of offering you assistance and sales/sales management training and coaching with a spectrum of offerings…. and with something for everyone.
As I work with treasured associates to create and deliver what you want and how you want it, I am grateful for what they bring to One X One and what you, the reader and sales/design professional, bring to me and our company.
I will share more later as pieces are put in place and will let you know how you can benefit from each of them.
Until then, I love you and cherish you.
Now, go sell something (and get your goals finished!!!).
Jody Smiling Photo copy

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