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I’m excited to start a new year…and in this case, a new decade.
I feel challenged to look at my own resistance to move forward and leave comfort behind me, and yet my goals (completed and framed on my desk in front of me!) are important to me – areas that matter, relationships to further develop, results that will make my life richer and more satisfying. Without them written and under my nose I would surely follow my baser instincts to shrink back, isolate, and watch another Netflix series.
2020 will be a foundational year as I am trying some new things with my company that I trust will serve as a base for more to come. I wish 2019 and the teen decade a fond farewell and anything that is incomplete, I declare complete.
Happy New Year – make it one to remember.
Now, go sell something.
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One thought on “2020

  1. Happy New Year Jody! You still motivate and inspire me! Thank you for sharing your words of wisdom! If you are ever in Chicago, it would be fun to have lunch and catch up.
    All the best,

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