Asking Discovery Questions

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Selling is a Conversation…

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Fishing for Minnows

For sales professionals, everywhere

If you don’t know what is most important to your buyer – what their motivating factors are, what is essential to them – you will fall prey to elements that are ‘nice to have’ but not critical, and will lose the sale.Fishing at sunset on the Donegal coast (© John Rafferty Photography)

Imagine if you asked each buyer ‘what are the 3 most important things to you about this?’ and wrote down those answers, focused your actions at satisfying those qualities, knowing that there may be other factors that matter, but don’t matter much.

Unless you focus on the essential, you will get distracted by less important elements and give them weight that they don’t deserve, and seek to satisfy all of them, which is a veritable impossibility.

And when your buyer strays into the shallow waters of less important elements, it is your job to bring them back and refocus their attention to what matters most. Less important elements will not make the sale, but they can break it if they are given too much time and attention. I call it ‘fishing for minnows,’ and you can call it that too, with your clients, when they start to quibble about stuff that just doesn’t matter, after the most important things have been achieved.

Now, go sell something.



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