Part 9 of 20: HubSpot Sales Statistics…With Secret Sauce Added

9.  Salespeople are 9x more likely to convert web leads if they respond within 5 minutes

Customers who contact you via your website expect a quick response. Leads and questions that come through your site need to trigger a response instantly within your sales team.

This role isn’t a fit for EVERY salesperson. They need to be skilled in technology, persistent in their communication and closely tied to the marketing department so that they can participate in creating responses that are effective. If you can, get a phone online-saleappointment to discuss the prospects desires and project…otherwise, it’s just filling a data request.


Sales Managers

If you don’t have a dedicated salesperson to manage this, you need to assign or hire one. AND they need to be trained in this kind of engagement…otherwise they become service responders and not salespeople. Be prepared to engage them with the marketing department as this is a different sales process and communication than a retail opportunity and needs to be managed as one.

Now go sell something!



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