Part 20 of 20: HubSpot Sales Statistics…With Secret Sauce Added


20.   An average company loses 10% of its customer base every year

Don’t be discouraged! This is just a lesson in prospecting and staying ahead of your sales pipeline. Stay active and continuously reach out to new prospects and past clients to keep your pipeline full and your team looking ahead.


Simply put, keep prospecting and don’t take it personally. If you lose more than 10%, you might want to explore further to discover why that is. However, if you ask for referrals, market consistently, keep in touch with your existing client, and make the most of the new opportunities that the company and the market might provide for you, the 10% will be a manageable number.

Sales Managers

Keep your database accurate and purge it yearly. And keep your marketing department busy with driving new eyes and opportunities to your sales team…and keep helping them to capitalize on each new prospect.



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