High Impact Actions

For sales leaders, everywhere

Many retailers use statistics to measure performance and results, and there are some constants that all retailers measure: Traffic, close ratio, average sale.  All are measurable, all matter, and all have specific actions to increase them.

There are retailers who add another statistic – sales per guest/dollars per opportunity/performance index. Whatever you call it, they all measure the same thing: Total revenue divided by total traffic. It is a combination of close ratio and average sale. It indicates how much every opportunity is worth to each salesperson based on what they do with it, and how well the store is doing. Since it’s a number that measures more than one thing, I have often worked with retailers to lean one way and develop a strategy toward either improving close ratio OR average sale.

Recently, I was working on a seminar for Furniture Row and thinking about this statistic close ration einstein again, and asked myself “Are there actions that improve both close ratio and average sale that would definitely increase performance index?” And yes, there are three: Sketch the room, make appointments to close, use financing for purchases.

As sales leaders, you want to direct your teams to the actions that will get the highest impact AND, since you can’t watch and focus on everything, you and your team members need to reliably and consistently execute the actions that get the biggest return. These do that. Take a look at your team and YOUR actions to direct these three actions and dial up the visibility and accountability.

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Now, go help your team to sell something.



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Systems for Fulfillment


For everyone, everywhere

It’s early in the new year…you might have your bright and shiny goals in front of you, enthusiastic to achieve them and passionate about what you are out to create for yourself, your company, your family. Good for you!!! Now, ask yourself:

“Am I organized enough, with a system that is sufficient for the results I am committed to achieve?”

Take a moment and REALLY sit with that question and the elements it included. For creatives, organization seems boring and uninspiring. Spontaneity is revered, structure organizedis resisted. However, actions planned and taken at the best time to produce the desired result takes scheduling…and it really doesn’t take anything away from right brain impulsiveness. It just makes you/us less at the mercy of knee jerk actions and distractions and more in control of the actions we take that support what we are out to accomplish.

Take a look at your structures and your calendar…and take a look from the perspective of the second floor. What do you notice? Does your system and your actions support the success you desire?

If not, give me a call and we can work it out.


Now, go sell something.



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