For sales professionals, everywhere
I’m excited to start a new year…and in this case, a new decade.
I feel challenged to look at my own resistance to move forward and leave comfort behind me, and yet my goals (completed and framed on my desk in front of me!) are important to me – areas that matter, relationships to further develop, results that will make my life richer and more satisfying. Without them written and under my nose I would surely follow my baser instincts to shrink back, isolate, and watch another Netflix series.
2020 will be a foundational year as I am trying some new things with my company that I trust will serve as a base for more to come. I wish 2019 and the teen decade a fond farewell and anything that is incomplete, I declare complete.
Happy New Year – make it one to remember.
Now, go sell something.
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For sales professionals, everywhere

I am excited (and a little terrified!) about my new website. It’s a different kind of format (designed as a learning platform) and has more to it than I expect I will fully use.
However, it’s here.
Primarily, it will offer THREE audiences the ability to increase their sales performance and revenues: Salespeople, Sales Managers, Interior Designers.
For Salespeople, there will be access to me via on-site seminars and online coaching (via Zoom and telephone) AND through a subscription of learning modules (20-minute slices of specific sales direction) so that you can help yourself whenever you need it.
For Sales Managers, I am running a pilot program that begins in January called Sales Manager Master Mind Group and will run until September. I will be starting another one in mid-2020, so stay tuned to hear what we are all learning from this particular format and when you can join the next group.
For Interior Designers, you will be able to schedule coaching calls through the website and bring your challenges and obstacles to the call for discussion and resolution. I will also be creating CEU’s through the website and will let you know when they are up and available.
And my blog, Selling Interior Design, will reside on the website, too with access to past blogs for inspiration and to use as topics for sales meetings.
More to come and thank you for your support and your readership.
Now, go sell something!
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