Critical Care Coaching

Do you have one or more people on your sales team who aren’t making goal?

And you KNOW that there are things they should be doing, and aren’t?
And you don’t have the time to coach them yourself?

Give them to me.

I can teach, coach, direct and hold them accountable to results to get them going in a new direction….or get them out the door. I am offering to select sales team leaders a hand, a second set of ears and eyes, and decades of experience producing results with poor and middle performers – that will help yours to get better or to get gone.


Here’s how it works:

  1. One hour per week – preferably 2, 30 minute Skype video calls. They see me, I see them.
  2. Daily email communications / updates of actions taken and results achieved and feedback to sales performers from me.
  3. Plus, weekly feedback by me to leadership with observations and ‘what to do next’ that will make this process work.

Simple. Effective. Affordable.

Contact me now to get started. Don’t let your poor performers take (and waste) another opportunity that your hard earned money paid for. Call/Email me. Now.

Jody Seivert

Committed to Raising Revenues!

12 thoughts on “Critical Care Coaching

  1. I am using this service that Jody offers at my Dallas to-the-trade showroom. In the first week that Jody worked with my team she took them from 40% to goal with 5 selling days remaining to 100% of goal. The renewed focus I have seen and heard from my team is incredible. There is no question that Jody is the best in the industry and she does nothing but produce results. This program is a bargain and should be used by anyone who has a sales team that is not performing.

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  4. Jody is a master at xero-ing in on the areas of your business that need fixing and helps you find the processes to make you work smarter, not harder! I recently had the good fortune to spend an hour on the phone with Jody for a one-on-one consultation. She gave me lots of fantastic tips for creating processes in my day-to-day work, organizing & streamlining my schedule, finding the support people that I need to be successful and having tangible and measurable goals to reach. I can’t thank her enough for the valuable tools she provided in just one session! I highly recommend working with Jody.

    • Denise –
      Thank you for your thoughtful post and articulate message. It was indeed a pleasure working with you, and your willingness to dig in and really look at what’s working and not working in your business, without defending what you are already doing, made our time together all the more productive. I look forward to hearing of your many successes! Have a great 4th quarter.
      Cheers and love, Jody

  5. Jody, I can’t thank you enough for meeting with me for a one-on-one for 15 minutes. I have already altered my logo as per your suggestion and edited my website to target the high-end market. I am excited to move forward with a decisive focus and appreciated the kick in the rear!

  6. Jody,
    I have seen you in action with the yearly sales training that our company offers
    to our retail dealer’s; sales staff, managers and owner’s. The results
    are tremendous! Being at a crossroad with my career as a “Retail Interior Designer” I knew you would be the right person to help give me direction. I am so glad that I took advantage of your One x One consulting session. In that very quick hour you not only brought clarity to my situation but also helped me outline a very clear plan on how to move forward. I am confident that this plan will help elevate me as a designer, increase productivity, decrease expenses, further develope customer realations and increase revenue!!!!! I am very excited and look forward to our next session after phase 1 of the plan is complete.
    Many thanks! ~zk

    • Thank YOU, Zena –
      It was a great session and I am so looking forward to seeing your presentation and hearing your results! Love, Jody

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