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Chris Cooley / Michael Alan Furniture & Design

If you have had training from Jody, you have been blessed with a very qualified professional. Jody’s goal is for your client to be helped at a level they haven’t experienced before. Through this training, Jody will show you how to understand your customer’s personality and how to adapt to it. Once you have learned this, you can truly help and give your customer the experience they deserve. This sales training will help new sales associates to advanced designers.  The sales training from Jody guarantees success if followed at all times. Well worth it – Amazing!!

PS: Jody, everyone at Michael Alan Misses You!!

Grace Chahraban / Grace Chahraban Interiors

I recently contacted Jody for support on a business development strategy for my interior design company. Within the initial phone call which lasted a good thirty minutes, Jody targeted all the key points to move forward, identifying the target market, resources, and building expertise and ways to achieve that. Jody’s ideas and suggestions were insightful and on target. I’m looking forward to keep working with her on various aspects of growing my business.

Jennifer Collins / Harris Furniture Co

The practice has been fun and I am finding that I learned a few things that helped me, immediately when I returned to the store… I truly believe it helped. I closed 80% of the sales I opened on the first day! I took away {so many} great little phrases that go through my mind periodically! You were great! Thanks so much for taking your time to train us!

Deborah J. Carducci – NAWBO Boston President

Jody Seivert of One X One Companies did a fantastic job of presenting BE Bold! Managing Challenging Conversations during our September networking event. Thank you Jody for giving us great information to think about as we conduct our day-to-day business. Read More!

Jobi Blachy / Edward Ferrell-Lewis Mittman

I have had the pleasure of partnering with Jody Seivert for the past 5 years.  During that time she has played an integral role in helping me to develop focused, sales-driven teams; rather than a collection of order-takers.  She has an unmatchable blend of interior design experience, design center sales experience, relationship/personal development, and structured sales training.  So unlike other sales development trainers, she “gets” our industry and tailors her teachings appropriately.  She is truly one-of-a-kind and her teachings absolutely, unequivocally produce results.  (But only if you execute what she teaches!!)

I started with her at one company where we fully implemented her teachings and as a result doubled our business in the first year.  We developed a group of associates who believed in Jody, we had leadership that executed what she taught, and we blossomed. Since joining Edward Ferrell + Lewis Mittman I have used Jody extensively to train my team, and the selling teams at my rep showrooms around the country.  Once again, we doubled our business under her guidance due to both her technical teachings and her unbridled enthusiasm.

And the wonderful part about Jody is that she truly believes and acts as though she is part of your team.  She is always there to guide and mentor my team and me.  I am honored to have her as a mentor and now consider her a dear friend.  She has changed the way that I approach my business and helped me to become more successful in my career.

Tim Aden / Sawhill Kitchens

I can’t thank Jody enough for all the coaching help she provided for our company.  Not only was I impressed, but even our designers made a point of commenting on her knowledge and thoroughness. We hired another person to do a personal seminar on “Referral Training” for our staff, and when I asked one of our designers what they thought of the presentation they said, “Well nobody stacks up very well if you compare them to Jody!”

For me personally what I loved about working with her was her ability to help us focus on issues, yet also make us think long-term, and consider options we would never have imagined.  Her suggestions have helped us enormously in streamlining our processing of information and paperwork, along with showroom etiquette and procedures.

I know when the economy improves we will be working with her again to help us take advantage of the new opportunities that will inevitably be available in our industry, and help us address any new challenges.

Dawn Tennant / Rozmallin

Jody Seivert’s Sales Training was, in a word, “priceless” for our company.  Jody’s straightforward and common sense approach to selling made it easy and fun to take the tools she provided us with and integrate them into our process. Our entire staff implemented several techniques we learned at Jody’s seminar series and we realized immediate results.  The first month after our training, we had our largest volume month year to date.  We have continued to increase volume month after month since then.  Increasing our sales volume is always our main objective, but we have also experienced other unexpected positive results by putting our knowledge from the training into practice.  The whole staff has bonded on a more meaningful level, which has strengthened the team.  Our team now has a single-minded focus in conducting our business, which is evident in our client satisfaction, as well as the bottom line.

Tylor Devereaux / Tylor Devereaux Interior Design

Within 20 minutes of any seminar, I typically lose interest and I have an overwhelming feeling of “get me out of here”! However, when I attended Jody Seivert’s Interior Design Boot Camp, I was amazed that I could not stop listening to her.  By the end of the three hours, I was hooked on her no-nonsense, no excuse approach to the design business.  Since then, I have worked with Jody one on one and it has been awesome. She understands the design mind and has taught me invaluable concepts, techniques and brought out my confidence like I never imagined.  I have been in the design field for over 18 years and Jody has helped me take my business to the next level and beyond. Plus, I am having a great time in the process!

Emily Davis / A&W Furniture

Our store has utilized Jody’s training program on numerous occasions.  Each and every time we’ve had revitalized staff, inspired ideas and record-breaking months of sales.  The training has been absolutely invaluable to our team especially because of the training’s relevance to the furniture industry.  I would highly recommend the training on both the management and sales end to any store looking to increase sales, improve customer relations and selling efficiencies and enhance management accountability.

Lynn Weinstein / LMW Designs, LLC

Jody – Your “Probing and Prioritizing / Pricing and Profitability” seminar was the best I have ever attended!  You gave us concrete numbers of what we should be charging as an hourly rate and you provided actual comparisons on the different ways of charging for goods.  Other seminars I have attended on the same topic have never provided concrete numbers.  When I started my business 6 1/2 years ago I basically pulled numbers out of thin air.  The “interview with the client” questions are also extremely helpful.  My primary client base are health care facilities (I was a Nursing Home Administrator for 20 years prior) and I do have the occasional residential client.  The questions you provided will help me dramatically and I can weed out the people looking for free advice.  I have had my share of those.  Thank you so much!!!

10 thoughts on “Kudos

  1. I recently had a phone consultation with Jody, and she had remarkably constructive and clear suggestions for me regarding my marketing approaches and materials. I look forward to implementing her ideas, then developing an ongoing relationship with her to hone my techiques and approaches over time!

    • Thanks, Carol. It was a pleasure speaking with you and exciting to hear the changes you are going to make in your intake conversation and with some of your marketing activities….and I look forward to hearing your results! Keep up the good work!!!! Cheers, Jody

  2. I live in Almere, Netherlands and my job actually deals with this topic.
    Actually doing what you like and writing about it in such a remarkable way is
    a great gift. Your article is informative, illuminating, and passion-driven, all of which I deeply
    respect when it comes to this topic.

  3. Thank you for the outstanding presentation today at The WCAA Chicago meeting . I feel energized and prepared to handle the touch budgeting questions.

    • Thanks so much, Candy! It was a great group and a pleasure to help and to be with all of you. I look forward to hearing results from putting actions in place.

  4. Jody’s presentation was such a great way to spend the day! I left feeling energized and ready to reframe my thinking. It helped me to take stock and put more value on how I invest my time and resources. I loved her step by step sales process and emphasis on profit. Jody holds the keys that can help you unlock success for your business!

  5. Jody!

    Just wanted to let you know that January 2015 ended being our best month EVER in the history of the store EVER! 

    I don’t believe it was a coincidence that we had training with you several weeks prior. Every single sales associate made bonus and then some with their numbers.

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    A&W Furniture and Accents
    Largest Furniture Showroom in Southern Minnesota

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