NO to NC

Dearest Friends and Colleagues,

As a proud veteran of the home furnishings and interior design industries, I am

saddened, angered, and bewildered by the lack of action to boycott and defeat the

HB2 bill in North Carolina. Arguably, one of the most important industries in the

state with the power to make a difference, the home furnishings / interior design

industry leaders are remarkably silent in the face of such blatant discrimination.

With discrimination, it matters not who the targeted group is, as discrimination

lacks boundaries and eventually leaks everywhere. The LGBT community

is richly represented in our industries and has contributed so much to our

successes. They need and deserve our voices standing with them and against a law that is

about more than ‘just bathrooms’. I implore the industry leaders and members to speak

up, stand up, and even not show up at HP Market as a courageous stand against

discrimination in North Carolina. When this bill is defeated, I look forward to

returning to High Point Market.

Thank you Patrick J Hamilton for your stand and your demand…you inspired me.

In solidarity,                                LGBT Supportive

Jody G Seivert

One by One