Part 14 of 20: HubSpot Sales Statistics…With Secret Sauce Added

Training ongoing#14     Continuous sales training = 50% higher net sales per employee

Salespeople who continuously train bring in 50 percent more sales than those who don’t. It’s a no brainer—keeping sales teams up to date and involved means more sales.

Even veterans need to sharpen their skills, techniques, and perspective as the market and the prospect/client changes. Retail and showroom people are experiencing less foot traffic and need to learn the skills of outreach sales actions to stay current and to drive their business. And as people and technology change and buying processes evolve, sales training is as critical as ever to stay sharp and on top of your game.

Sales Managers
Your team is a reflection of you…and they are following your lead. Sharpen your training and coaching skills as you develop their selling skills. Raise your company standards and train to the new level of expectation. There is no END of the journey to keep your team sharp and in front of their game, so get busy and have fun!!



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Coaching Attitude

For sales managers, everywhere
As sales managers, all you can really coach is performance – which means actions. Actions past, present and future.

Actions are the only thing that produce results. You can’t coach numbers, results, statistics…you can only use those to coach and support actions taken or not taken. And you surely can’t coach attitude…because when you do, you usually get MORE of it.
What you CAN coach that addresses attitude, however, are the actions associated with it.
Take a look – when you coach, WHAT are you coaching? Is it really a training issue (they don’t know HOW to do something) or a coaching issue (they are attempting the action and doing it poorly or inconsistently)? Are they really ‘lazy’ or do they not have a clear idea of the up system or are they not structured to manage actions in time?
Check in and if you need some assistance with this, give me a call.
Now, go help your team to sell something.
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