The Skill of Asking Questions (Las Vegas Market 2012)

Las Vegas Market was upbeat and well attended. Lots of HGTV-ish designers speaking, several social media seminars, and a buzz that was pretty exciting.

I was battling a cold with cold medicine and when I looked at my speaking venue at the RRC (as compared to larger event rooms on the LVMC campus) I thought it was going to be a smaller gathering, especially since the speaker before me had about 20 people, and I was looking forward to the intimacy and pace of a just a few in the audience.

I was wrong. In addition to the 100 seats, we had 20 more standing in the back of the room…..all to hear about “The Skill of Asking Questions”. I was amazed. We rocked the hour and the participants were generous and engaged – it was fabulous.

But the kicker was the irony of it. Here we are talking about questions, and one of the participants, Debbie Holden from Regal House Furniture in my home town of New Bedford (who I also went to grammar school with) came up to me and asked me “Why have you never come to visit me?” And I thought and stumbled for an answer and said “Well, because I don’t need furniture…” or something lame like that. And then I said  “But that’s not the answer to the question you are asking me, is it?” and I went on to say, “Because you’re a family owned business and I didn’t think you needed the help” and she said “Well, we do.” And we’re meeting next week for lunch and undoubtedly, more questions.


It never ends, this development of connection through questions….of being open to learn something about and from someone else and about yourself. And the more courageous the questions, the more valuable the information. The key is staying out of ‘make wrong’ with whatever the answers are and keeping ego at bay in order to keep the connection, exploration, and discovery going. It’s what it’s all about.

I am so blessed. I love my life.