Shades and More…

Shades and more…..

For designers and decorators south of Boston and along the SouthCoast
I just spent the last 90 minutes and $217 (my designer cost) for 3 beautiful lamp shades. King Lamps 1 And I did that while sitting and having a cup of coffee as Danny, one of the owners of King’s Lamps and Shades, tried different harp sizes and shade styles as I enjoyed being waited on. 
His selections were outstanding…and as I am one who enters an establishment with a solid idea of what I am looking for, I had to relax and be open to what else was available.  I left there withKing Lamps 3 shades that I liked more than the originals; shades that I would not have selected if l had searched on my own.  Plus, I left 2 Baldwin Brass candlestick lamps there (that I bought yesterday at another New Bedford
fave: Acushnet River Antiques) to get new candle sleeves. They are black with gold liner shades and new finials. I had a BALL and it was such a great experience that I had to tell you about it so that YOU can experience it, too.
Kings’s has been in the same New Bedford location for over 50 years. They repair lamps, King Lamps 2sell lamps, make lamps and drill vases, and have a huge stock of glass, metal, paper, textile, as well as shades – and can also special order. They have antique lighting that is as lovely as I have seen anywhere. Since King’s doesn’t have a website yet (they are still working on it…but, who isn’t?) you would have to make the trip over to browse or bring your lamps for shades, repair, or to create a beautiful lamp from something wonderful that was originally designed for another purpose. And their prices are insanely good…and even better with our 15% discount!Kings lamps sign
Come and visit the SouthCoast! King’s is open Tuesday – Saturday 9-5. 580 Hathaway Road. 508-994-9784. Just off Exit 3 / Hathaway Road on Route 140. 
Now, go sell something !

The Time Is …… Now?

For home furnishings showroom sales professionals and sales leaders everywhere

This is the second installment in a series on Creating Urgency.  I get asked by sales leaders how to help their team members to close sales more quickly… and asked by salespeople how to do the same. I know it feels like a guessing game…CAN they buy 50-percent-of-leads-not-ready-to-buytoday?  They came into the showroom and said ‘just browsing’, they said ‘I’m not buying today’, they said ‘I never buy without sleeping on it’, they said, they said, they said.

I am not disrespecting what they said or diminishing what they expect the outcome of the sales interaction to be, because it’s just that – an expectation. They didn’t expect to find a salesperson who gave a damn to stick with them beyond their ‘just browsing’ opening salvo, they didn’t expect to find what they wanted or to find it as quickly and easily (or so it seems) as they did, and they didn’t come in expecting to buy today.  They are all good, all understandable, and all just expectations.

As a seller, I need more than their expectation to determine our/my outcome.  How I am going to determine how much time we spend together today, what we do with that time, and what the outcome will be (a sale or an appointment) is an assessment that I am responsible to drive. My overall expectation to ANY and ALL sales interactions is that they will buy today until I learn that they cannot.  If I expect that they will buy now, it will line up all of my hand drawing checkbox, business  conceptactions in that direction. AND I will assess by asking specific questions, whether or not they can actually purchase.  As a seller, I am responsible to figure that out, as it informs everything that I do with them. How I determine if they CAN buy today is by asking and getting responses to the B-A-D-A-S Questions and supporting and recording those answers by Thinking with a Pencil. They are both essential aspects of the Qualifying Step; the process we use with each and every opportunity to not only ascertain project and product information, but also their buying process information….where they are in the buying process and if the conditions are favorable for them to purchase now.

In my next blog, we’ll go deeper into both of those, so stay tuned…..or if you just can’t wait, give me a call and ask!
Now, go sell something!

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