A Measure of Relationship Value

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I once had a customer who was a bit of a maverick in his marketplace and in the industry. He has since passed away, but Chuck Forcey was a character. When he was in the military, he flew planes and was on an elite fighter team…and he brought his irreverent ways with him.

Fortunately, he had a commander who was tougher and more focused than Chuck was and while he respected and appreciated what Chuck brought to the team, he refused to let the team be defined by one of its members. To address a particularly aberrant behavior, the commander pulled Chuck aside and told him: “You are a valued member of this team…and you will have a place on this team as long as your contribution exceeds your aggravation…and not a moment longer.” I LOVE that measure of relationships … and don’t we all use something like that, even if it’s not as clearly stated? Think about it as you evaluate design project clients, hire new associates, work for rogue employers…and maybe closer to home, too.

A new thought for a new year.

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It’s August! Time for a Good Read

Happy August!

I hope this finds you all enjoying a bountiful Summer season. As we reflect on sales goals and make the necessary adjustments moving into the Second Half of the year I wanted to offer you some inspiration. I came across this incredible book: Factory Man; How One Furniture Maker Battled Offshoring, Stayed Local – and Helped Save an American Town on NPR {read the story or listen here} and love that it speaks to passion, commitment and integrity in our industry. Grab a beach chair and a glass of iced tea and refresh your commitment to your goals and reignite your passion!

The Summers BEST read!

The Summers BEST read!



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