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It’s still August. The temperature in New England is hovering around 90 today with a lovely breeze. The mornings have been cTime-for-Actionooler, foretelling the Fall to come. NOW is the time for customers, clients, end-users to be buying furniture for the holidays … even though it seems ridiculous. We are about 15 weeks from Thanksgiving, 20 weeks from Christmas. NOW is the time to buy. 

A while back I stumbled into this product when Dennis Miller and I were discussing the hard copy version of this time line instrument.  Dennis had been ordering the 3D version of this product, with his company logo on it, to give as a gift/give away to designers (a great idea!). I investigated this product for the same reason, but when I went online, I found the app instead and fell in love…and loaded it on my iPhone immediately. (sorry, not available for androids). And I decided to share this with you along with some thoughts on how to use it effectively. Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 10.01.00 AM

When trade showroom salespeople quote product lead time to a designer, they often speak in vagaries….12-18 weeks, 3-4 months, etc.  And everyone nods knowingly.  The same thing happens when a retail salesperson or designer quotes timeframe to a client.  And both of the ‘sellers’ believe that their ‘buyer’ clearly understands when things will happen and when they need to happen – but they don’t.  Because what they are missing are 2 critical components: Clarity and Commitment.

Clarity looks and sounds like this: “For us to make your installation/delivery deadline of September 25  (open Lead Time Lite and spin the wheel – which is 18 weeks from today as I write this) we need to place the order by Friday, June 6, which is 2 weeks from today.”

Commitment looks and sounds like this: “What do you need to do on your end to make that date happen?” (and wait for specific response and action). 

Then, “What can I do to support you in making that happen?” (and again, wait for specific response and action). 

Finally, “Let’s put these dates and actions on our calendars now so that we can keep in touch and keep on schedule.  Thank you so much for your partnership!”

Lead Time Lite.  Check it out.  It’s simple, free and priceless.

Now go sell something!