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Put the B in B-A-D-A-S

Evaluating B-A-D-A-S Questions to determine outcome
For home furnishings showroom sales professionals and sales leaders everywhere

In the last installment in this series on Creating Urgency, I spoke of 2 actions and areas that will allow you, the seller, to ascertain where the buyer is in their buying process. Knowing where your buyer is at can determine if there is going to be a sale today or if you need to work toward getting an appointment. Your first action is asking the BADAS Questions of each and every customer, each and every time!

BI have written about the BADAS Questions often and have reconciled myself to the fact that I will be teaching them until I stop teaching designers and salespeople how to make more money. The basics NEVER go out of style! Now, let’s take a look at how the BADAS Questions relate to the sense of urgency and the buyer’s motivating factors.


B = Budget

Budget is what the buyer is EXPECTING to invest in the item or the room at this time. This number (and there is a number) may be reasonable or unreasonable and may include more than just the item or items. This number may include contractors or other vendors and is really just the start of what the actual number will be. But it’s a start. And that’s how to relate to it and relate that to the customer. If you are in ‘the ball park’ say so. If theirs is not a reasonable number, ask your client how they arrived at it and what they expected it would include. If their answer is also unreasonable, know that it might just be that they are early in their process and don’t know better…yet. And please, please don’t take it as a personal offense against you. Ignorance isn’t stupid and it isn’t mean. It’s just that they don’t know better…yet.
red-light-green-light-freshness-illustration-83375555The accuracy of this number to the reality of what it will take to purchase is an indicator of how able they are to buy now. If it’s realistic, then it’s a GREEN light to move forward.
At the end of the BADAS questions you want to see how many red or green lights you have – to either move to the close or the contract or to move to the appointment.
And, these questions are not asked in this order necessarily. They are MEMORIZED in this order so that you remember to ask them, each and every customer, each and every time.

Next time, A = Availability / Time frame.

Now, go sell something!
Love, love,


Jump In

For sales managers and sales leaders everywhere

Yes. Jump in. (And jump into this blog…and for the next paragraph or two, resist your temptation to react and disagree…just read….and think about it).

Jump in and get out on the sales floor with your antennae up, looking and listening for opportunities. Those opportunities may or may not be currently being assisted by someone on your sales team. If they are not being helped, jump in and introduce yourself and start asking questions about them and what they’re here to accomplish…what they want, what they think will leap of faithsolve what they want, etc. If they are being helped, then listen and find out what’s happening between the sales associate and the customer. Are they on track to do something today? Is the salesperson struggling with some aspect of the sale – the sales process, product or procedure? If they are, you need to jump in and introduce yourself and find out how things are going and how you can help. Use the opportunity to Be the Example of what you want the sales associate to do. Ask for the sale for them if you need to. Show them how it’s done.

I recommend talking through this approach with your team, but I swear, we do NOT do this enough. In my work coaching and observing on my clients’ sales floors , I watch and listen to sales walk out the door every day, and watch and listen to sales managers TALKING about selling and TELLING salespeople what to do. Instead, JUMP IN and SHOW THEM what to do. Be the Example that they can follow. You will do you more to not only build sales revenue but also to build credibility with your team!

If you get stuck, feel uncomfortable or don’t want to jump in and Be the Example, it’s indicative of something you need to do something about …NOW…before the year, and your goals get away from you.. Reach out! I am here to help you and your team bust down walls and reach new heights! Remember, every player and every team needs a coach to succeed.

Love you,

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