Video: Selling Premium

For designers and showroom sales people

Are your sales people capitalizing on the luxury market $$$ that is available?

In October 2012 I had the distinct good fortune to speak yesterday at the Rose Tarlow Melrose House showroom at the D&D Building Fall Market in New York City. Jobi Blachy, the new President and CEO (with LOTS of great stuff to introduce as new products and processes for this established and regal company – keep watching for them!) introduced me to a group of just under 100 designers, who were eager to learn and discuss the challenges of working at the top of the market. Here are some of the things I shared with them, taken from research done with designers in the city and across the country…..

Dollars & Sense

What is selling?
What is premium?
What is selling premium?

Here are some actions for you to take away…

  1. Examine at your current process and see where it needs and upgrade – either your understanding and communication about premium products OR your understanding and communication about the buying and selling processes.
  2. Evaluate your qualifying process to see where you can be more courageous in your communication, especially at the premium level, so that you can include products that
  3. Consider your premium showroom partnerships to see if you are working with your showroom sales team for information and support that would have you be more effective in explaining and producing product that would be perfect for the projects you are doing.

“Selling Premium” is a 2 hour on-site coaching session, available to showrooms selling to the luxury market.

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