Part 10 of 20: HubSpot Sales Statistics…With Secret Sauce Added

10. Mobile sales make up 30% of all US eCommerce

Making website material mobile-friendly and having trained salespeople ready for web sales is crucial to your bottom line. If you’re not keeping up with the mobile and tablet movement, you will be left behind.

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Consider getting a second line on your phone so that your customers can call you, or become facile with your tablet so that you can use it for sketching, web searching your competition, scheduling appointments, etc. If you aren’t living in the technology that is current today, the world will move beyond you and you won’t see it happening. Be up to date with the technology that your customers and prospects are using so that they see you as a ‘resource’ and not just a salesperson.

Sales Managers

I listen to owners and managers who don’t want their salespeople to have their phones with them on the showroom floor…seriously??? Their phone is a computer, a camera, a calendar and can access mobile data. YOU need to live in this techno world and make it HOW you and your team do business. Check out what your competition is doing with their website and how hand-held technology is impacting the customer experience – GET to that level THIS year and go beyond it next year.



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Part 4 of 20: HubSpot Sales Statistics…With Secret Sauce Added

4. An average buyer gets 100+ emails a day, opens 23% and clicks on only 2% It’s hard to break through when you’re an unknown sender. Make sure prospects are getting your messages with interesting and engaging email content, and make … Continue reading

Gallery 65 – October Meeting

Oct mtg 9

The year is winding down and I am already starting to miss our monthly meetings and the artists….yet it’s heartwarming to look back over the last several months and appreciate and enjoy the changes and growth that have occurred.

Here’s what this meeting produced:
Sarah is looking at holding painting class again…as a revenue producer and means for visibility. Nicole is looking to expand social media to include Pinterest and Instagram. As the only one in the Gallery who is doing marketing activities for the Gallery, this is more action and work, even if it might seem a small thing to readers who have been using these for awhile.
Oct mtg 7       Oct mtg 1      Oct mtg 3    Oct mtg 5
The holidays are coming, and it’s time to be thinking of what products are needed for gift buyers. Nicole is making felted ornaments and will have an ornament tree positioned prominently in the showroom, and has found other artists to make ornaments, coasters, and small items. She will also be getting other artists to share databases, so that they can exponentially increase their reach.
November looks to be a busy month – Debra Ehrens is doing a trunk show, Open Studios weekend on 11/21 and Hatch Street Studios trunk show will be at Gallery 65 this year! 
In December, the first weekend is the Holiday Weekend, with a downtown stroll. Downtown associations (NB Cultural Council, NB Beautiful) are also creating a Deck the Windows event that is sure to attract interest and participants…and we hope, lots of foot traffic to start shopping! And Roy Rousseau will be the Featured Artist in the Gallery in December.

I am so proud of the work they’re doing. They have fewer artists in the cooperative yet are taking more action. They’ve consolidated floor space in the showroom, yet merchandised the existing and new product more effectively. While traffic into the showroom continues to be less than desirable, they are doing more with it. In short, a leaner and more amped team – and they are inspiring! I am looking forward to our next meeting in a couple of weeks.

Love, love, love,

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