Getting to Neutral

For showroom salespeople

In the nearly (I can hardly believe it myself) 30 years of training designers and sales teams, there are a few key elements that I teach over and over because they are so essential to success.  I am grateful for one that is fairly new in my lexicon as an essential action but the results the salespeople who are using it have created since I introduced it earlier this year have been significant.

Get to Neutral.

One of the biggest obstacles for most salespeople is greeting and connecting with new people and with a variety of people.  The incoming ‘traffic’ has its own agenda, likes and dislikes, reasons for being there that may or may not align with our agenda.  Yet, each and every one of them are an opportunity to connect and build business….if and only if we can connect with them.  Before ANY of that can happen, before we take the first step toward greeting and connecting, we need to remove and release anything, ANYTHING, that gets in the way of us being present to the other person.  That includes our judgments and assessments, our distractions, our opinions about them and about ourselves, the that little voice in our head that can be a big obstacle to what we can create and build with our customer and client.

Whether you take a ‘cleansing breath’ or ‘whooosh’ yourself to zero or tell yourself to ‘Clear Your Mind’, the first thing to do as you are walking up to greet this lovely new opportunity (to assist in creating a warm and beautiful home, to make a living, to express yourself and them, and so on) is to GET TO NEUTRAL.  Be a blank slate on which success can be written.

Try it…and then let me know what happens.

Love, love, love.