A Tale of Two Showhouses

For design lovers everywhere

I visited 2 within the last 5 days: The Junior League Showhouse in Newton, MA and the Design Home 2012 in Norwell, MA.

These showhouses were very different from each other and performed different objectives….

The Junior League Showhouse is a yearly event held in major cities across the nation for this noble organization. The objective is to showcase designer talent in a significant and historic property and the proceeds from this event go to community outreach efforts of wellness and nutrition for girls in the greater Boston area.

The Boston Magazine Design Home is a new construction property in a small reproduction enclave by Eugene Mattie Associates and sponsors and it’s interior and exterior spaces have been designed an executed by local retail and trade design professionals, working together to create a consistently presented family home that is available for sale.

Both did a lovely job of satisfying their particular objectives and while it’s easy to lock in to the ‘I like this room, not that room’ when touring the properties, it’s also an opportunity to be profoundly present to the commitment of time and resources that go in to making a showhouse work.

  • To designers who participated – thank you for your creativity and your generosity and I hope you get some great new projects from the exposure.
  • To the vendors and tradespeople and marketing team – thank you for your partnership with the design community to create a safe and beautiful environment in which to showcase talent – theirs and yours.
  • And to the associations and companies that host the showhouses – thank you for appreciating and using local design talent and this venue for your community outreach and support.

Looking forward to next year….

Love, love, love.