The Right Tool

For sales teams everywhere

We all have tools in our toolbox.  Sometimes we can use one tool to do more than one job, like a screwdriver can do its initial job and can also pry open a paint can.

But we need to use the right tool for its primary and intended purpose.

Email is a tool…. it’s a great communication tool to confirm details and decisions, to leave a paper trail of agreements and changes on a project, to send updates that keep customers and clients informed.  It’s a great marketing tool for sending ‘mini-e-blasts’ to a selected group who share similar interests.

But email has limitations.  It’s unable to really communicate emotion, subtlety, nuance, sarcasm, irony.  It’s easily misinterpreted and it gives a false sense of productivity and performance when we use it as a sales tool.  Because what it isn’t is a tool to close sales… that takes a phone call or a face to face meeting.

If you want to produce a sale, a quote or an appointment, use the tool that will get it done.  Pick up the phone and call.


15 Minute Coaching….

For salespeople and designers

I had a great conversation with Erika Ward of Atlanta today.  She took advantage of the free 15 minute coaching opportunity that is posted on my blog and came prepared to discuss a couple of specific things that are impacting her business.  She was looking to get feedback on a second revenue stream that she is considering that will dovetail nicely with her design business, offer her additional income, and be a resource for other designers and a destination for retail customers.  Excellent choice!  Plus, she was looking at how she is charging and pricing – from the design fee on an initial visit that is really a deposit if they continue to work together but not quite enough if they don’t.  They were great issues and common among designers everywhere who are really paying attention to the profitability of their business.  And we only needed 15 minutes!!  And it’s freeeee : )

If you need a second set of eyes or ears on your business or your sales process, please drop me an email or pick up the phone and call me.  We can accomplish a lot in a small slice of time.