Designer, Artist and Artisan Series: Susan Victor and Sue Shannon

Featured Designers: Susan Victor and Sue Shannon Nandina Home     I really don’t remember how I met Susan Victor….all I remember is that I liked her immediately.  I do remember that one of our first conversations was about a … Continue reading

Recap: “Pricing Design” at ADAC (1/16/13)


This is what the presentation room looked like before 230 designers filled the space to SRO (standing room only) to experience “Pricing Design” on Wednesday of this week.  It was a delight to see many familiar faces from my last visit to Atlanta.



For this presentation we had a full spectrum of designer business challenges – from veterans who are struggling with the changes in the marketplace and the end user that they still haven’t figured out how to manage, to new designers who want to start their practices out right, to those who simply want to make more money for their time and talent but just don’t know how to do that.  They were gracious and engaging and eager to get as much as possible from our time together – and the two hours flashed by.  As a result of a couple of inquiries,  I will create and offer options for them that will help them to implement and integrate this new material into their design business so that they can introduce profit as one of their primary goals.


Century luncheon

Century luncheon2



Thank you ADAC for bringing me back to town, to Century Furniture for a delightful luncheon, to Mark Sunderland for being a charming dinner companion, and to the greater Atlanta designers for your warm Southern hospitality and desire to make this year your best one yet!

With love,