It’s Not Too Late to Write Your Goals

For sales professionals, everywhere   I know it’s the first week of the second month of the year and you are still struggling to articulate what you intend to accomplish this year. The good news is that Goals are not … Continue reading

Uh, Leadership

How does that sound to you… a question, a sigh of resignation?

Recently, I had lunch with Kristine Scotto, a friend, colleague, collaborator, and fearless leader whom I respect and care for deeply and whose generosity is significant and whose timing is intuitively perfect. Not only did she give me her Eiffel tower iPhone case just because I said I liked it (and it really is too adorable for words) but she brought me 2 books – Tribes by Seth Godin and The Millionaire Messenger by Brendon Burchard. Both short, power-packed books which I immediately dove into and then promptly distracted myself from them with lesser readings – the latest design mag or some unimportant but juicy email – anything to keep me from the messages that were right under my nose…. again. My resistance was paralyzing as was my resistance to my resistance. At some point, whether fueled by a 12 step reading or the homework from a Landmark discussion or both – I noticed my “I don’t wanna” and underneath that my fear of going to the next step in my own leadership, growth, vulnerability and contribution. So, like many of you who are up to something, I am up against it. Up against my fear of not looking good by possibly failing and being out there alone, my concern with having to ‘keep it up’ once started, and the ubiquitous ‘where will I find the time?’ question (like time has anything to do with this, really). Seth Godin inspires me daily, sometimes several times a day, with his wisdom, logic, sensitivity and eyes and ears that are tuned to what matter, what’s here and what’s coming up. I want to play in his league and make a difference on that scale – I say that and yet my actions don’t align. And isn’t leadership a practice of actions?

Ah, action – the steps of progress. I think Kristine gave me BOTH books because one is inspiring and the other is the process of aspiring – how to do it beyond the first good feeling. I’m going back in – back to reading, pondering, seeing where it fits and fits me, sitting with the discomfort and with whatever comes up, writing and writing….I’m going back in….come with me.