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The Special Sauce

Happy is the special sauce…

For designers and sales teams everywhere:

I spent the weekend in San Diego helping my sister to set up her new house – you know how that is right? 

I was there three months ago to see her property and help to draw up plans and share decorating ideas.  Now that she has moved in, we’ve accessorized and moved furniture into it’s position- yay!

Before everything was *just right* we had to make several stops into retail vendors – Home Depot, Macy’s, Pier One, and several consignment stores and garden supply houses.  In order to complete the project, we still had lots of “details” to tend to, and in each case- we really needed to enroll the assistance and help of a store representative in each of those stores.

Regardless of the level of complexity of our creative requests or specific needs , our  interaction with the store personnel made all the difference. It seemed as though everyone we collaborated with, no matter where we went were more than happy to help. 

Was it the weather? Was it that they enjoyed their job and wanted to do it well?  Was it that they truly enjoyed helping others?

Whatever the reason was, it made the event memorable, and enjoyable.  EVERY interaction and transaction we had with others  was rewarding in some way,  even some of the more challenging tasks or disappointing  outcomes were made less so, simply because the person assisting us was light hearted, and joyful.

So here is my observation:

It’s obvious that happy people are easier to be around, but what i realized is that “happy” and engaged people are also the energetic acceleration fuel for any job.  They are the ones that make “easy” possible, and give levity and joy to what otherwise might be an arduous, stressful, and frenetic project.

Not only were they all able to assist my sister and I to get our big job completed in a very short time frame, but they also reminded me that happiness is powerful.  It makes all the difference in the world when you have the opportunity to work with a genuinely happy person.  I guess, similar to a great burger- the real difference is the special sauce, and in this case it’s = HAPPY.


So get happy…


love love love,