It’s Winter: Keep it simple!

November is over, December is just beginning.  For some end-user customers, it’s time to start (or start again) on their home project.  For others, they are still waiting….waiting for something to inspire them beyond their anxiety.

Waiting + Waiting = Nothing.  If you are a showroom salesperson waiting for designers to come in, you may wait a very long time and probably complain about the lack of traffic while you are waiting.  It’s okay to do that, it just doesn’t produce business or income. 
If you are a designer waiting for your client to be comfortable enough to start or restart the project, I hope you  have a lot of projects in your pipeline to execute while you are waiting for their concerns about the future to subside.

Here – try this.  Just for today: create a game of what you want to accomplish today.  Make it specific, so that you will know when it is achieved. 

Keep it to 3 results.  Only 3.  Write them down.

Then, ask yourself what 2 actions will you take for EACH of the results. It may be to call and ask for an order, or to complete an order that’s in the system but needs some information to be finished.  Take whatever actions will produce the result.  (And if you are doing the math, that’s 6 actions. Only 6.) Write those actions down, too. 

Most of the actions are over the phone, so the worst that can happen is they’ll hang up on you (but they probably won’t).  Make your action meaningful to the other person you are calling.  Keep a list of what you accomplished today, where you got thrown off or distracted, and where you caved and didn’t take action.  It’s just information for the future, not to beat yourself up with. Then get a partner and celebrate your victories!

And if you are so inclined, you can do it again tomorrow.

Keep swinging for the bleachers!