Commitment Starts Here

For sales professionals, everywhere. My sales process is called “Sell it or Schedule it” because it is my belief, as a seller, and as a performance coach, that there is a specific outcome to achieve that is related to where … Continue reading

Intuitive Selling

For sales professionals, all of  them. I watched InnSæi – The Power of Intuition, today, an Icelandic documentary about intuition and right brain influence on our communications and our connections with others. And, as someone who spends an inordinate amount of … Continue reading



homeworkhelp2For sales and design professionals

Just the thought of homework as the new school year approaches is anxiety producing, right?! Relax, it’s not THAT kind of homework.
It’s the kind of homework that keeps everyone involved in the project.

Let’s say that they buyer (end user, designer, customer) is not ready to buy yet…there are still some things to be considered, measured, put in place. Things that interfere with the buyer purchasing NOW. If you’ve been a long standing follower, you know that “Sell It or Schedule It” is my sales training program and the objectives to each and every sales interaction: to close it now or to forward / advance the sale. If you (the seller) are unable to close today and are planning to schedule an appointment for another contact, using HOMEWORK as a connecting action keeps them busy with necessary work and connected to you. This will also keep you from giving away information that will enrich their ability to shop you and possibly purchase elsewhere. And when you position it that they have homework and you have homework to do before you both meet or speak again, it connects you further. When you call to confirm your appointment, you can check on their homework status and let them know what you have accomplished with your’s.

It’s a simple element that can provide a needed bridge to keep the sale moving forward. Try it or call me with questions.

And now, go sell something!