Interrupting Interactions

For Sales Managers everywhere… Earlier this month, while working with Furniture Mall of Kansas, we hit on something powerful which we jokingly called “Guestus Interruptus”…a smug way of describing a way of interrupting the interaction between the guest/customer and the specialist/salesperson. … Continue reading

Intuitive Selling

For sales professionals, all of  them. I watched InnSæi – The Power of Intuition, today, an Icelandic documentary about intuition and right brain influence on our communications and our connections with others. And, as someone who spends an inordinate amount of … Continue reading

Minimize the Compromise

For sales professionals, everywhere. I am often asked how to manage the interaction between spouses or decision makers; how to work with them together to come to a positive result (the sale). To do that, we need to be prepared, … Continue reading