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The Second Half

The Second Half
For Sales and Design Professionals everywhere


The first half of the year is over…and the second half has just begun. So I ask you:
Are you on track now to make goal by the end of the year?

This is a mid-year check in to see if your strategy is working; are the actions you identified were executed and the prospects you cultivated were converted to clients?

It’s a good time to reevaluate and make changes to your structures (organization, technology, processes), strategies (marketing and sales programs), and actions (the specific and measurable behaviors) to see if they are working or not working.


If you are on track and have a plan that’s getting you the intended results, CONGRATULATIONS! Good work!!

If you’re not on track, do something NOW. Don’t let any more time pass doing what isn’t working. It’s not that YOU aren’t working; it’s your strategy that isn’t working. Here’s where to look:
Your structures…. are they sufficient for the results you intend to achieve? Are you using technology to build efficiencies into your organization?
Your strategies ….. do they align with the audience you are targeting? Are they reaching enough people you want to work with? Does your message resonate with them? Are your requests for action clear and compelling?
Your actions….are the quantity and quality of your actions sufficient? Do you make ‘enough’ calls each day…and at a time when you will reach someone? Do you make enough presentations to close? Are you measuring the effectiveness of your outreach actions?
Take action NOW. If you’re stuck, confused, resigned, unmotivated, frustrated…pick up the phone and call me. I’ll give you 15 minutes FREE – and you’ll be amazed at what we can accomplish in a quarter hour.

all bullseyes

I look forward to hearing from you. Let’s make 2014 EVERYTHING you want it to be.

Now, go sell something!
Cheers and love,




I bought a new dracaena to replace a plant that I thought I had killed by over watering. The symptoms were that the tops of the plant shoots looked as if they had been smashed – and nothing around them could have fallen on them to create the damage.  I selected another variety that I thought I’d have better luck with.

The morning after the replacement was in place I found snapped tops again…which could only mean one thing – The Lovely Mina the Cat had jumped up and bitten off the tops of the plant. My loud banging, yelling NO!!! (cats hate noise) to create as much unpleasantness as I could did nothing to keep her from jumping up again and snapping the one remaining stem, killing the plant.

Not to be outdone by a creature with a walnut-sized brain, I created a different interference…paper with tape, sticky side up so that when she jumped up again (as I knew she would) she would land on what would creep her out.  It took 2 jumps to do the trick – one was a surprise, and the other a confirmation.

And I had to look at where else in my life and work I am using strategies that aren’t working.  Where else do I have to move further ahead in the process to shift the method or action that will produce the result I want?  Where am I being stubborn and unwilling to give up what I am doing, even when it’s not working, and try it another way?

Until next time….