The Right Tool

For sales teams everywhere

We all have tools in our toolbox.  Sometimes we can use one tool to do more than one job, like a screwdriver can do its initial job and can also pry open a paint can.

But we need to use the right tool for its primary and intended purpose.

Email is a tool…. it’s a great communication tool to confirm details and decisions, to leave a paper trail of agreements and changes on a project, to send updates that keep customers and clients informed.  It’s a great marketing tool for sending ‘mini-e-blasts’ to a selected group who share similar interests.

But email has limitations.  It’s unable to really communicate emotion, subtlety, nuance, sarcasm, irony.  It’s easily misinterpreted and it gives a false sense of productivity and performance when we use it as a sales tool.  Because what it isn’t is a tool to close sales… that takes a phone call or a face to face meeting.

If you want to produce a sale, a quote or an appointment, use the tool that will get it done.  Pick up the phone and call.