Part 14 of 20: HubSpot Sales Statistics…With Secret Sauce Added

Training ongoing#14     Continuous sales training = 50% higher net sales per employee

Salespeople who continuously train bring in 50 percent more sales than those who don’t. It’s a no brainer—keeping sales teams up to date and involved means more sales.

Even veterans need to sharpen their skills, techniques, and perspective as the market and the prospect/client changes. Retail and showroom people are experiencing less foot traffic and need to learn the skills of outreach sales actions to stay current and to drive their business. And as people and technology change and buying processes evolve, sales training is as critical as ever to stay sharp and on top of your game.

Sales Managers
Your team is a reflection of you…and they are following your lead. Sharpen your training and coaching skills as you develop their selling skills. Raise your company standards and train to the new level of expectation. There is no END of the journey to keep your team sharp and in front of their game, so get busy and have fun!!



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Practice and Repeat

For designers, sales managers and salespeople everywhere


As adults, why is it so hard for us to practice something new?

It’s been my experience that as grown ups we collapse several things that actually keep us from learning:
We collapse being familiar with something to actually knowing it.
We collapse knowing something with actually doing it.
We collapse not knowing how to do something with ‘it can’t be done’.

All of these impede our ability to learn and practice something new so that it can become a habit and then become second nature.  beliefs

So, let’s get the terms and the actions distinguished and disconnected.

Familiar is a vague notion, loosely understanding a concept of something and maybe the actions that go with it. It’s just an idea and may not be an experience that we’ve had.
Knowing something requires evidence. I know how to tie my shoes because I see that they are tied and I have done it many times…which is not the same as watching someone else or listening to someone discuss it…that would be ‘familiar’.
Knowing it and doing it aren’t necessarily the same. And in the sales game, the action is what counts. I teach the DiSC behavioral model and some of the learners ‘know’ how to fill in the blanks on paper – they ‘know’ the material. But they don’t USE it, rendering the information almost useless.

To paraphrase Thomas Jefferson, “It doesn’t matter if you know how to read if you don’t read.” While knowledge is powerful, it doesn’t beat taking action.

And lastly, if I can’t do something it only means I can’t do it. I can’t run a 4 minute mile but many people can. It can be done, but I can’t do it. So “I can’t do it therefore it can’t be done” is ludicrous. This deflecting mechanism gets in the way of being realistic about our knowledge and skill and ability to produce results and creates an illusion of our skill level…which is not a good way to improve performance.


There’s only one way to do that: Plan time to practice. Practice the right things. And then practice and repeat. And repeat. And repeat.

Don’t know where to start? I do. Let’s connect and get you and your team on track!

Practice DOES make perfect!

Now, go sell something.

Love, love, love,

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