Are you tired of prospective clients taking your ideas and not paying for them?  Would you like to know sooner rather than later if the client is a real project or a real time waster? Learn how to qualify quickly with Telephone Screening and Intake Form – two structures that will have you learn more about your design project clients by asking inquiring questions from the very first conversation.  This webinar will offer you specific questions to ask and an order of inquiry that leads the prospect and the project forward.  Stop investing time only to learn to late that they aren’t right for you.  Help is here!

I will be offering this webinar (and others) to the public very soon.  Stay tuned : )



July 2013

Lynn Weinstein / LMW Designs, LLC

Jody – Your “Sell It or Schedule It” seminar was the best I have ever attended!  You gave us concrete numbers of what we should be charging as an hourly rate and you provided actual comparisons on the different ways of charging for goods.  Other seminars I have attended on the same topic have never provided concrete numbers.  When I started my business 6 1/2 years ago I basically pulled numbers out of thin air.  The “interview with the client” questions are also extremely helpful.  My primary client base are health care facilities (I was a Nursing Home Administrator for 20 years prior) and I do have the occasional residential client.  The questions you provided will help me dramatically and I can weed out the people looking for free advice.  I have had my share of those.  Thank you so much!!!

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