Thanksgiving 2015

For everyone, everywhere

It’s hard to not get caught up in the frenzy of political conversation around the killings in Paris and the expanded terrorism in the world. Opinions abound, divisiveness widens, tempers flare. 3070972.largeIn the spirit of gratitude that is this holiday, it takes Patience and Being Present to what is working; while all around us Peace is hard to find.

I am grateful for your readership, for your engagement and for appreciating something in what I bring to our conversation that is worthwhile to you. I am grateful that you continue to build yourself and your skill, to broaden your perspective, to seek new information that might have you experience yourself and your clients a little differently. That difference can make ALL the difference to them and to you. I am grateful that our economy is improving so that we all have the opportunity to earn a living doing what we love to do, especially when we believe it makes our cltempleton-gratitude-2-1ient’s lives better.  I am grateful that I can share my love and challenges with you and my heart and mind are open to receive yours, so that we can figure them out together. 

We associate Peace with Christmas, yet there is no lock on that connection, and sharing the mantle with Gratitude is indeed a blessed place.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones. I hope that you have abundance in your life and enough to share with those who do not.