Decorative arts in Italy: Passart
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In the heart of Rome, just a few hundred meters from the entrance to Vatican City, sits a small shop: Passart.  They have been in the trims and tassel business for generations and are still the official Papal passementerie for religious vestments. 93E78B9C-BFCE-42F2-A3BD-F4633A1FD866Their primary business continues to be for home decoration and textile finishing and adornment. We met the owner, whose small shop D6D5D7F1-8199-4AC2-9B8F-138167C754C4features a textile museum, and who continues to produce tassels and trims and his family did centuries ago. One of the photographed tassels is 75 years old and made with silk and gold yarns,  

75 year old tassle

    75 year old tassel made of silk and gold

and others of opulent detail and fine handiwork.

Please enjoy and for more information, please contact      BA057C6C-D4FE-47C1-A01C-7AEE9CDB8026    0995F17D-E530-4242-B842-9782E779053F   5AB94115-401E-4478-BE52-BE5861BDC9FD 09D10DE5-6076-45A4-A9F9-0CDA30B3347E

Che Bello !

Decorative arts in Italy



Richard Ginori has been manufacturing china in Italy since 1735, originally for the Medici court, and for European luxury and aristocracy since then. The company fell on hard times in the last decade due to a reduction in formal dining and an increase in competition with lesser priced (and lower quality) products, many made in China. They filed for bankruptcy protection at the end of 2013 and were in negotiations with Lenox in the U.S. and Apulum of Romania to buy the company, but sadly, those fell through. They have reorganized and are looking to maintain a presence and visibility with those who value high quality design and workmanship.

Their shop in Florence is located in a posh section of the city, with apparel and jewelry neighbors like Prada, Gucci, Rolex. Room upon room of table settings and serving pieces, colorful collections, elegantly displayed and merchandised. While they retail ready to buy individual items and existing patterns, they make custom and original products for those customers who want the ‘Ferrari of porcelain’ as they are known in Italy. 43761AA9-E570-418A-AF4A-EF5DBBA652FB

Next time you’re in Firenze, drop in. Until then, enjoy……





For sales professionals – everywhere.

This is the last installment in the series on Communication. The first 3: Clarity, Courage and Compassion are archived for you to read if you missed them…or to forward to someone you think might be inspired by reading them so that they will take the necessary actions to achieve new results. Thanks in advance for doing that.

There is a common misconception out there, even among sales professionals that you have to be pushy in order to be successful.  I have always found that pushy is a behavior found among poor salespeople whose sole agenda is their own benefit and not the benefit of the customer/buyer. commitment

Commitment is not about being pushy. Commitment is about being Clear about what you want, being Courageous to take the actions needed to get it, and being Committed to produce results NO MATTER WHAT or HOW.  If you are committed to producing a sales result, you might need to produce the interim result of an appointment to forward the process to the sale. If you are committed to producing a sale, you will ask the questions that are difficult for you to ask because you believe they will make a difference in getting the sale. If you are committed to producing a sale, you will take other actions that salespeople with less commitment are unwilling to take – they’re too hard, take too much time, don’t guarantee success, not enough return on investment – because you know that incremental improvement gains huge rewards.

There is a ‘distinction’ in the Self Expression and Leadership Program at Landmark: Attachment versus Commitment. If you are ‘attached’, then it has to happen a particular way in order for it to happen…like it has to be easy, or the customer has to be nice to work with, or some other condition that needs to be present or met. If you are ‘committed’, then you will do what you need to do in order to get it done, mindful of the other person and their behavior as elements of the process, but not as specific requirements.  If you are an independent designer committed to making it easy for clients to buy from you, you might take several methods of payment…versus being attached and only accepting checks. 

Commitment shows up when it gets difficult. When you are committed to a monogamous relationship, it’s easy to do…until someone who catches your attention shows interest. Look for yourself. Look at where you are committed and where you might be attached. It’s good to notice because it might be in a ‘blind spot’ that you don’t know about until you look there…and there …and there.

And of course, if you get confused or stuck, give me a call. This is a great exploration that is often more fun with someone else.

Now, go sell something!