It’s not over ’til it’s over……

For sales/design and sales management professionals.
I had the excellent fortune to work with a new client last week in Houston: The Amish Craftsman. They have a 4000 square foot store of Amish/American made furniture in Arts and Crafts, Mission, Shaker styles and they do a wonderful job with customers, create great energy in the store, and are lovely people to be with.  We spent 2 days on sales training and when we wrapped up on the second day, there was still time to ‘practice’ and put into use what they has spent the last 16 hours learning and role playing.  So with direction and intentionality, we chose to call unsold quotes (made within the last 30 days) to reenergize them and either close them over the phone or set an appointment for them to come back in.  success-is-achieved-and-maintained-by-those-who-try-and-keep-trying
Ashley, who is fearless and adorable – a winning combination!, called 4 prospective clients with whom she had worked, sketched, selected and quoted product. They were good connections, nice size opportunities, and had already received a ‘thank you for coming in’ note from Ashley. The instruction was to DO what we practiced if the customer answered or to leave a message as we had pseudo-scripted if the customer didn’t pick up. She reached 3 and left a message for 1, who promptly called her back. In all 4 cases, none of them had purchased yet, all of them were pleasantly surprised to hear from her, welcomed her reaching out to them, and 2 of them scheduled an appointment right then to come back in within the next 2 days. The other 2 still had some thinking to do, so Ashley gave them some homework and set a time to call them back.  And the results were one of the 4 came in within 48 hours and bought….and it was a BIG sale!!
Moral of the story…neither Ashley nor the other sales associates have made it a habit to be in touch or to schedule appointments with the customers. It has been something missing from their repertoire, even though they are high producers and great customer relationship builders, and have LOTS of returning customers. The ability to control the communication and when the customer returns has been HUGE for them…and allows them to manage their time better, the customer can manage their time better, and the close comes quicker and smoother by making appointments and calling unsold quotes.
Go through your unsold quotes. What will it take to reenergize them? What is the motivating factor that will get them moving again? Pick up the phone and call them and ASK them to come back in… and schedule a time to be available that is low traffic for you and easy to arrange for them.
And then let me / us know what happens.
Don’t. Give. Up.
Now, go sell something.

Love and Mercy

For everyone, everywhere
It’s a lovely movie and song…and fodder for a perspective to bring to your work and your customers and clients.
Is not the same as like. You don’t have to and won’t like all of your customers, co-workers, employees or employer. Like has something to do with them and their personality, behavior, ethics…all sorts of things that contribute to them being likable and to your response to them. It’s always a good idea to consider that the people you like and don’t like has as much to do with you as it has to do with them.
Just think about that without reacting and defending…just for a moment. :)
Love is from your heart. It’s a place to operate from with everyone, especially those you don’t like or are drawn to, align with, in sync with. It’s especially helpful when the interaction gets a little sideways when it’s easy to react.
Merriam-Webster defines mercy as – kind or forgiving treatment of someone who could be treated harshly, kindness or help given to people who are in a very bad or desperate situation.
Everyone has something that they are struggling with, something that they don’t share with everyone and yet it informs their day and captures their thoughts and feelings. Some are better at managing particular challenges than others. And when people are making decisions that impact their income, their homes, their work lives, often without all of the skills or information to be confident and competent, they may not be operating from a powerful place.
Grant them mercy from your place of generous humanity.
Thank you Brian Wilson for the inspiration.
Now, go sell something.


For everyone, everywhere.
When I work on setting goals with salespeople, designers and managers, the first conversation to get through is believing what CAN happen.  It’s easier to set goals that are low and comfortably achievable with ‘reasoning’ about the ‘realities’ that impact the result. Having someone like me say “I KNOW you can do so much more than that!” is sometimes heard as being pushy

(and it could be… I am the coach and I get to do that!), or unrealistic (again, maybe it is…) and for some is welcomed as belief in them that they can soar beyond their limited belief.

Tony Robbins said that most people reach an income that is 10% in either direction of their ‘set’ number, and it’s reflective of what they believe they can do, they are worth, and what is do-able.
Let’s go to your belief – what do you believe you can achieve? Can you make that specific and measurable? What kind of structure would you need to support you? What are the actions needed to make it happen? Can / will you do them? Have you set a timeframe that is reasonable?
Henry Ford said “If you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.”
Start with belief…what do you believe you can achieve? Dream. This is our only life on this earth…keep looking forward and dreaming. I can help you with the structure and strategy for achievement. It’s up to you.
Now, go sell something.